Emirates Quality Mark or EQM.

The system of obtaining the license to use the Emirates Quality Mark or EQM is a Product Certification scheme involving a comprehensive evaluation of the product as well as the Quality Management System used by the manufacturer in production through testing and inspection.

Emirates Quality Mark

The Emirates Quality Mark

  • Mark of Conformity granted to products that have demonstrated compliance with requirements of applicable Technical Regulations and are manufactured by an organization implementing an effective Quality Management System.
  • Mark that can be printed on the certified product as a proof of compliance and approval by the Federal Government through ESMA.
  • License to use the EQM is subject to a yearly renewal.

Certification Process


Apply for Service

  • By Product Category.
  • Select GulfTIC IMQ.
  • Send required documents.
    • Declaration of Conformity.
    • Test Report from recognized independent laboratory.
    • Brief description of manufacturing process.
    • Quality Plan showing how to comply with Specific Standard.
    • Plant equipment layout.
    • Vicinity map of the factory.
    • Product label.
    • Evidence of approval from other Conformity Assessment Bodies, if any.
    • Other documents as required by applicable regulations.

Payment of Fees

  • Application Fee.
  • Document Review Fee.
  • Initial Audit Fee.
  • Fee for the License to Use the Quality Mark.
  • Certificate Fee.
Send an e-mail to info@gulftic-imq.com for request of fees.

Conformity Assessment

Document Review
Technical experts review all the documents submitted in order to assess completeness and compliance of the product with the requirements.

Factory Audit
Auditors visit the factory for initial assessment in order to ensure effective implementation of a Quality Management System and continuous compliance of product with the requirements.Product Testing
Auditors may collect samples during the audit and subject to internal and/or independent laboratory testing should the need arise.

Corrective Action

Applicant will be notified of any findings that need immediate corrective action.

Issuance of Certificate

A Certificate of Conformity will be issued to product that has complied with the requirements.

The EQM Certificate of Conformity