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To improve your management systems and capabilities.

  • Halal.
  • HACCP.
  • ISO 22000.
  • ISO 9001.
  • Other specialized trainings.

Certification Scheme

ECAS Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme

ECAS Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme

EQM Emirates Quality Mark

EQM Emirates Quality Mark


SASO Certificate of Conformity

Saudi Quality Mark

Saudi Quality Mark

Halal Food, Cosmetics and Services

Halal Food, Cosmetics and Services


  Granting of Certification

  • The certificate of conformity will be issued to your products which comply to the requirements of the applicable certification scheme.
  • Your rights and responsibilities in relation to the certification of your products are detailed in the certification agreement.
  • In case of issuing license to use a Mark of Conformity, the agreement details the rules of its use. You can add to your list of certified products that can use the Mark by applying for extension of scope of certification.
  • Company logo of GulfTIC and GulfTIC IMQ is not a Mark of Conformity. Kindly refrain from printing this on your certified products or marketing materials.

  Termination of Certification

Certification may be terminated, as in the following cases:
  • You have permanently stopped producing the certified product.
  • You cannot ensure compliance to a new requirement brought about by change in the certification scheme or applicable product standard.
  • You have requested for the cancellation.

  Warning, Suspension or Withdrawal of Certification

After careful consideration of any violation to requirements, your certification can be put under warning, suspension or withdrawn
  • Warning will be issued after verifying a minor or administrative breach of contract, or a breach potentially leading to serious situations.
  • Suspension will be issued if you failed to meet the terms of an issued warning,after verifying a breach of contract, or if a nonconformance is found during surveillance such as defects in certified products caused by a temporary problem in the production process or improper use of the Mark of Conformity on certified products that cannot be solved by remedial measures. Suspension usually applies for a maximum of 6 months and gives you the opportunity to take appropriate action in order to avoid certification withdrawal. After verifying the effectiveness of the corrective action, certification may be reinstated.
  • Certification will be withdrawn in cases of serious breach of contract, or any of the following:
    • Product defect found during surveillance is not corrected within the agreed period.
    • The Mark of Conformity is being used for non-certified products.
    • Failure to settle financial obligation to GulfTIC and GulfTIC IMQ.
    • Inadequate corrective actions taken to rectify the reasons for suspensions.


This document explains to you our procedure for handling complaints and appeals.

Step 1

  • Please e-mail the following information to info@gulftic-imq.com
    • Client details.
    • Application reference number, if applicable.
    • Nature of complaint / reason for appeal.

Step 2

You will receive an immediate reply from us to acknowledge receipt of your complaint or appeal.

Step 3

An impartial investigation will be conducted in relation to the issues that you have raised.

Step 4

A corrective action, if applicable, will be implemented by GulfTIC IMQ.

Step 5

You will be informed of the actions to be taken by GulfTIC IMQ in relation to your complaint / appeal.

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